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VIIDA Souffle Antibacterial Stainless Steel Kids Tableware Set
兒童抗菌不鏽鋼餐具組 (3色)


VIIDA Souffle系列兒童餐具組實用性強,設計貼心,顔色明亮,可滿足孩子各個年齡段的需求,並由耐高溫抗菌不鏽鋼為主體,無毒PP外套筒和矽膠蓋組成,衛生安全,為孩子提供完美的就餐體驗!


  • 2018年紅點設計獲獎者
  • 盤子獨特的三角框設計,有助防止食物翻倒,同時提供額外的抓握力,且孩子手拿時不輕易碰到食物,保持衛生
  • 杯子厚實的高邊框設計可幫助小孩喝水
  • 叉子和勺子的反向內部曲線設計,方便鏟取食物,讓孩子自信學習自我餵食
  • 配有矽膠蓋子,讓孩子的食物和飲料時刻保持新鮮美味,吃不完也能存放
    • 蓋子可多用途當成餐碗墊,以增加穩定性,也可作為小餐盤
  • 内部不鏽鋼身可直接加熱,提供溫暖的食物
  • 可拆卸PP套筒有助防漏防滑,並防止不鏽鋼傳熱到小手上
  • 成分均為食品級,不含BPA,DEHP,PVA,無鉛和三聚氰胺,讓孩子進餐無憂
    • 從為人父母的心出發,鼓勵與孩子一起享受無壓力的就餐時光
  • 套組包括一個碗,一個盤子,一個杯子,一把叉子,和一把勺子

- 容量:碗 430 ml,盤子 550 ml,杯子 330 ml,叉子 34g,勺子 36g
- 材質:304L耐高溫抗菌不鏽鋼,PP外套筒,矽膠
- 顔色:藍色,綠色,粉色
- 建議使用年齡:6個月以上
- Made in Taiwan


  • 洗碗機可用。微波爐和烤箱不可用。
  • 不要讓孩子在沒有監督的情況下使用。
  • 請勿使用紫外線或蒸汽清潔PP外套,並儲存在陰涼、乾燥的地方。
  • 抗菌不鏽鋼可防止細菌在不鏽鋼上生長,但不能防止細菌在其存儲的食物上生長。
  • 處理加熱的食物和飲料時,請避免直接與暴露在不鏽鋼底部的孔底部接觸,以免燙傷。
  • 耐溫度:PP外套筒 -10ºC〜110ºC,矽膠蓋和手柄 -30ºC〜250ºC

Prepare to deliver the perfect mealtime experience for your kids with this Soufflé Tableware Set, which is practical, thoughtful, colorful, and baby- and toddler-friendly. The set consists of 304L antibacterial stainless steel bodies, PP outer sleeves, and silicone lids. They are healthy and safe for kids to use, and provide the ideal combination for a stress-free mealtime experience!


  • 2018 Red Dot Design winner
  • The plate’ special triangular rim design to prevent tipping over, and also to provide extra grip without touching the food. 
  • The cup’s thick, high-rim design helps little ones drink.
  • The fork and spoon’s reverse inner curves allow easy scooping, providing a learning experience for little ones when they start self-feeding.
  • The leak-proof lid keeps the food and beverages fresh, and easier storage.
  • Lid also works as a coaster for extra stability and a snack plate.
  • The stainless steel inner part can be directly heated to serve warm food.
  • Detachable sleeves help prevent slipping and enable direct heating to Stainless Steel.
  • All materials are food-grade, BPA, DEHP, PVA, Lead, and Melamine-free. 
  • Thoughtfully designed for the parents encouraging a stress-free dining experience with your little ones.
  • Includes: a bowl, a plate, a cup, a fork and a spoon

- Capacity: Bowl 430 ml, Plate 550 ml, Cup 330 ml, Fork 34g, Spoon 36g
- Materials: 304L antibacterial stainless steel, PP outer sleeve, Silicone lid
- Color: Blue, Green, Pink
- Recommended age: 6 months and up
- Made in Taiwan


  • Dishwasher safe. Do not use in microwave or oven.
  • Do not let children use without supervision.
  • Do not use UV light or steam to clean the PP outer sleeve. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Antibacterial stainless steel prevents bacteria growth on the stainless steel, but does not prevent bacteria growth on the food stored within.
  • When handling heated food and beverages, please avoid direct contact with the bottom of the hole exposed stainless steel to avoid burns.
  • Resistant temperature: PP Sleeve -10ºC ~ 110ºC, Silicone lid & handles -30ºC ~ 250ºC