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Swell Made Co.

Swell Made Co. “Dream Big” Throw Pillowcase
夢想抱枕套 (預購2週)

Swell Made Co. 是一個加拿大品牌,致力於設計簡約而又創新的紙製品、家居裝飾和禮物。其產品皆以“保持簡單,但意義非凡” 為啓發,希望通過簡單的裝飾和舉動去突出生活中重要的事情,享受美好的小事物,增添一份喜悅的時刻。


- 尺寸:24 x 12 inch
- 材質:100%聚酯纖維,白色YKK拉鍊開合
- Made in Canada


  • 不包括枕芯
  • 建議使用的枕頭插入物的尺寸應為26英寸x14英寸,以增加體積
  • 請用冷水機洗並晾乾,請勿漂白

Swell Made Co. is a Canadian brand that designs simple, yet bold paper goods, home décor and gifts. All of the goods are inspired by their mantra “keep it simple, but significant”, hoping to highlight the important things in life through simple decorations and actions, enjoy the beautiful little things, and add a moment of joy.

This pillowcase has a soft texture and a comfortable touch. The classic white color and black lettering are printed with vibrant, fade-resistant and solvent-free ink, which is durable. It can be placed in the living room or bedroom, perfectly matched with any home décor style. It reminds you not to forget your original intention and keep your big dreams. Whenever you feel tired from work, take a moment to lie down with a pillow hug to refresh yourself!

- Size: 24 x 12 inch
- Material: 100% polyester, white YKK zipper closure
- Made in Canada


  • Pillow insert not included. 
  • Suggested pillow insert should measure 26 in. x 14 in. for extra volume. 
  • Machine wash with cold water and dry flat. Do not bleach.