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Picnic Time Family of Brands

Picnic Time Family of Brands Ottoman Cooler with Trolley
可摺叠冷凍箱連推車 (預購-1週)

Picnic Time Family of Brands 於1982年成立於美國加州,他們從心出發,一直堅持初衷,希望激發人們與家人朋友共度優質的美好時光。


- 尺寸:20 x 12 x 12 in
- 容量:24 罐飲品
- 承重:用作座椅或脚墊時 350 lbs,手推車 77 lbs
- 材質:聚酯纖維,鍍鉻鐵,鋁


  • 請用濕布清洗表面。

Founded in 1982 in California, we’ve never lost sight of our core mission: to inspire people to spend quality time with family and friends.

Run out of chairs around the campfire? Who needs a chair when you have the Ottoman Cooler? This 24-can capacity cooler is fully collapsible with a padded lid to sit on, a front panel door for easy access to snacks (no standing up required), cool and dry storage separated by center divider, and a padded shoulder strap for comfortable transportation. An integrated luggage strap on the back side of the cooler allows for attachment to the trolley for effortless rolling transport. The included trolley has a collapsible stability bar, and folds down to be stored. Such a multi-functional cooler is a must for you to enjoy your outdoor life!

- Size: 20 x 12 x 12 in
- Capacity: 24 cans
- Weight loaded: When used as a seat or ottoman 350 lbs, Trolley 77 lbs 
- Materials: Polyester, Chrome-plated iron, Aluminum


  • Surface wash with a damp cloth.