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Picnic Time Family of Brands

Picnic Time Family of Brands Mickey Mouse Portable Beach Umbrella 5.5 ft
米奇老鼠便攜式沙灘傘 (預購-1週)

Picnic Time Family of Brands 於1982年成立於美國加州,他們從心出發,一直堅持初衷,希望激發人們與家人朋友共度優質的美好時光。



- 尺寸:鋼管高度 81.5 in,鋼管直徑 1.25 in,頂篷直徑 5.5 ft,
- 材質:聚酯纖維,鋼


  • 請用濕布和溫和的肥皂水清洗表面,然後徹底乾燥。

Founded in 1982 in California, we’ve never lost sight of our core mission: to inspire people to spend quality time with family and friends.

If you want to create a private party space for outdoor gatherings, this umbrella is your best choice. It is a solid color polyester umbrella that is perfect for the beach, camping, gatherings and picnics. The pole has a tilting option and a pointed end for easier penetration into sand or dirt. It covers a large area, and can be opened and closed easily. It also comes with a matching polyester drawstring storage bag with a carry strap. The classic red Mickey Mouse pattern is very eye-catching. Don't get caught in the hot sun without your Umbrella by Picnic Time!

- Size: Pole height 81.5 in, Pole diameter 1.25 in, Umbrella measures 5.5 feet across
- Materials: Polyester, Steel


  • Surface wash with a damp cloth and mild soap. Dry thoroughly.