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Penrose Candles

Penrose Night Tide Ceramic Candle 香薰陶瓷蠟燭 - 夜間潮水 (Preorder 1 week)

Penrose Candles是一家位於美國俄勒岡州的現代化家庭香水設計公司,以大自然、回憶和虛幻的地方為靈感,手工製作具有中性味道且永恆設計的香水。


- 成分:天然美國種植的大豆蠟,純正香精油和上等香料,不含鄰苯二甲酸鹽
- 容量:10 oz, 可燃燒65小時

Penrose Candles is a modern home fragrance and design company based in Portland, Oregon. They handcraft timeless products with gender-neutral appeal and fragrances inspired by nature, memories and imaginary places.

Night washes over coconut palms; bonfires dance to life. Notes: Coconut + Black Pepper + Smoked driftwood + Lime. This modern ceramic candle has a wood wick that crackles while burning and includes a beautiful walnut lid for storage and reusability. After the wax is gone, repurpose the jar as a planter, coffee mug, or as an organizer for small items.

- Ingredients: Natural USA-grown soy wax, pure essential oils and fine fragrances, Vegan and phthalate-free

- Capacity: 65-hour burn time, 10oz