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Ooh Noo

Ooh Noo White Toy Pram

Ooh Noo 崇尚極簡自然主義,採用高品質且環保的天然材料,希望製作的每件產品都能陪伴孩子很長時間,透過有趣而富有想像力的方式將玩具發揮到最大價值,同時帶來歡樂的親子時光!


- 尺寸:28 x 46 x 51 cm
- 材質:天然木


  • 請用濕布擦拭玩具車上的灰塵,和一般使用後的污垢。食物或顏色之類的頑固污漬可能會留下痕跡。
  • 此玩具推車是木製玩具,不適合作為嬰兒學步車,負載不得超過4.5磅。

Ooh Noo is all about natural, ethically sourced materials, designed to last a long time and provide natural and imaginative play. All products are carefully designed, aspiring to create a high-quality environment for a memorable childhood. 

This little toy pram is just too cute for words. It is made of wood, and extremely appropriate for all of the favorite dolls and stuffed animals. Add a tiny blanket and pillow, and you have yourself a cutest little bed on wheels ever seen. Good for children to learn how to take care of the small dolls. It is also the best decoration in children's rooms.

- Size: 28 x 46 x 51 cm
- Material: Wood


  • Wipe any dirt from the pram with a damp cloth. This will remove grime from general use. Tougher stains like food or color may be difficult to remove.
  • Toy Pram is a wooden toy and is not intended as a baby walker. It is not intended to carry loads of more than 4.5 lbs.