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Ooh Noo

Ooh Noo Double-O Chair
兒童雙O木椅 (兩色)(預購-2週)

White 白色
Pink 粉色

Ooh Noo 崇尚極簡自然主義,採用高品質且環保的天然材料,希望製作的每件產品都能陪伴孩子很長時間,透過有趣而富有想像力的方式將玩具發揮到最大價值,同時帶來歡樂的親子時光!

此款木椅造型簡約精緻,用圓腿和光滑邊緣的天然木製成,並塗有無毒油漆,安全放心。圓形座椅邊緣平整,高度適中,方便孩子長時間使用,進行任何活動。更將永恆的設計融入椅子中,雙O (OO) 可以是無窮大的符號、貓頭鷹的眼睛、爸爸的眼鏡,火車的輪子等等,這一切都取決於孩子的想像力。供有兩種顔色選擇,搭配同款形狀的半月桌使用,更能增添美感和樂趣!

- 尺寸:W 38 x H 45 x D 39 cm 
- 材質:天然木
- 顔色:白色,粉色


  • 請用濕布擦拭乾淨。避免使用含有刺激性化學藥品的清潔產品,這些化學藥品可能對油漆的表面產生不利影響。
  • 需簡單組裝。桌子另售。

Ooh Noo is all about natural, ethically sourced materials, designed to last a long time and provide natural and imaginative play. All products are carefully designed, aspiring to create a high-quality environment for a memorable childhood. 

This Double-O Chair is made of wood with round legs and smooth edges, and coated with non-toxic paint, which is safe and secure. The round shape seat has a flat edge, which is easy to use and attracts children long enough to sit still and do any activities. And those OOs – are they the infinity symbol, owl eyes, father’s eyeglasses, train wheels or … it's all up to your (child's) imagination. It will be more fun and nicer if using it together with the Half-Moon Table that has the same shape.

- Size: W 38 x H 45 x D 39 cm 
- Material: Wood
- Color: White, Pink


  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using cleaning products with harsh chemicals that could adversely affect the finish on the paint.
  • Some assembly required. Table sold separately.