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Ooh Noo

Ooh Noo Blackboard Toy Chest on Wheels

Ooh Noo 崇尚極簡自然主義,採用高品質且環保的天然材料,希望製作的每件產品都能陪伴孩子很長時間,透過有趣而富有想像力的方式將玩具發揮到最大價值,同時帶來歡樂的親子時光!


- 尺寸:35 x 48 x 37 cm
- 材質:天然木


  • 布擦拭玩具箱其餘部分上的灰塵,和一般使用後的污垢。食物或顏色之類的頑固污漬可能會留下痕跡。

Ooh Noo is all about natural, ethically sourced materials, designed to last a long time and provide natural and imaginative play. All products are carefully designed, aspiring to create a high-quality environment for a memorable childhood. 

This Black Toy Chest looks exquisite in any monochrome kids' bedroom or playroom. It is made of wood, and it is sturdy, spacious and elegant at the same time. Now with the blackboard sides, it has the added attraction of being a drawable surface. It is not only a toy that functions as a storage bin, but also a simple wagon that comes with a rope, so that kids can pull it along or attach it to other wagons. Children can play with it in various ways!

- Size: 35 x 48 x 37 cm
- Material: Wood


  • The blackboard sides are only meant for use with chalk, not with markers or pencils. 
  • Wipe the blackboards side clean of chalk with a damp cloth. 
  • Wipe any dirt or spills from the rest of the toy chest with a damp cloth. This will remove grime from general use. Tougher stains like food or color may be difficult to remove.