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Tea Drops

Tea Drops Matcha Latte Kit

Tea Drops致力於創造夢幻的飲茶體驗,採有機製造和公平交易,無茶包設計也更加環保。

此款抹茶拿鐵組合包含了五份的有機綠茶和淡香的煉乳來做成一杯杯幸福濃郁的飲品。選用的有機優質綠茶來自日本,煉乳由Copper Cow Coffee使用的加州牛奶製成,無論冰鎮或熱飲享用都適合!


– 5包抹茶錠
– 5包Copper Cow Coffee的煉乳 
– 採用可回收的包裝設計作為精美的禮品


調整甜度只需將煉乳包倒入一杯抹茶中並攪拌即可。 加入冰塊就能暢飲冰的風味! 就是這麼簡單。 

– 尺寸:3 x 4.2 x 5.5(英吋) 
– 重量:0.5磅

Tea Drops aims to create magical tea moments that connect you to what's important and supports organic production, fair trade, clean water aid, and American made.

Our indulgent Matcha latte kit includes everything you need to make five blissful servings of this full-bodied caffeinated, organic green tea with a touch of sweetened condensed milk. Our organic premium green tea is sourced from Japan and  the condensed milk is made from Real California Milk from Copper Cow Coffee.

May be enjoyed iced or hot!

Kit contains:

- 5 Single Serves of Matcha Green Tea Drops

- 5 packets of Copper Cow Coffee's Sweetened Condensed Milk

- Makes a great gift with our recyclable packaging

Caffeine Level: 25mg of caffeine, which is approximately one-third the caffeine of a cup of brewed coffee.

To make your creamy sweet treat just pour a condensed milk packet into a cup of Matcha Green Tea and stir. Just add ice to make it cold! It’s THAT easy. 

– Dimensions: 3" x 4.2" x 5.5" Inch 
– Weight:0.5 lb