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Funnyfish Smart Magnet Cubes Vase
磁性立方體小花瓶 (兩色/3入組)(預購-1週)

Natural Color 天然色
Mixed Color 混合色



- 尺寸:35 x 35 x 100 mm
- 材質:天然木,磁鐵,玻璃
- 顔色:自然色,混合色

Funnyfish aims to design products that inspire our everyday life, creating culture in harmony with nature. Every product is durable, sustainable, future-friendly and eco-friendly. You will find ones that touch your heart! 

This is a small vase for a flower or other small plants. The cube is made from natural wood with fine finish without chemical, and fits with the clear glass vase. A magnet is embedded in the wooden cube, so you can put it on any magnetic surface like a fridge door. A small piece of nature in this small vase will brighten up any space and bring you a good mood. It can also function perfectly as a diffuser by putting aroma oil and sticks inside the glass tube. Set of 3. Good as a gift for colleagues in the office or friends at school.

- Size: 35 x 35 x 100 mm
- Material: Natural wood, Magnet, Glass
- Color: Natural color, Mixed color