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Beaba Babycook
嬰兒食品烹飪機 - 基本款(3色)(預購-2週)



BEABA Babycook 系列嬰兒食品烹飪機操作簡單,幫助您快速製作美味的寶寶飯菜。通過蒸汽烹飪,可以使食物保留最原始的營養成分,鎖住維生素,並在短時間內無需換容器,直接將蒸熟的肉類、蔬菜、和水果攪拌至適合的細緻度,讓寶寶餐餐都能吃到最新鮮的副食品。

BEABA Babycook 系列嬰兒食品烹飪機操作簡單,幫助您快速製作營養又美味的寶寶飯菜。通過蒸汽烹飪,可以使食物保留最原始的營養成分,鎖定維生素,並在15分鐘或更短的時間內將肉類、蔬菜、和水果攪拌蒸煮,即可食用。並可根據寶寶不同階段調節攪拌功能,做成稠度質地合適的食物,口感更好,使用餐過程變得更輕鬆容易。更可一次製作食物,冷凍儲存,食用時在同一台機器上直接除霜並重新加熱便可,非常實用。這樣一台集時尚設計,操作簡單,功能强大,省時省力的煮食機器,簡直就是忙碌媽媽生活的最佳幫手!


  • 佔地面積小,易於存放
  • 包括鏟勺,攪拌蓋,過濾器和一本食譜手冊
  • 一個帶有刻度標記的4.7容量大杯
  • 獨特的單手操作,使用更方便
  • 多用途攪拌葉片,提供恰到好處的食物口感
  • 專利蒸汽加熱系統,食物營養又健康
  • 不鏽鋼水箱,衛生防鏽,易於清潔
  • 不含BPA,無鉛和鄰苯二甲酸鹽,使用放心

- 顔色:Cloud灰色  / Rose Gold玫瑰金(限量版)  / Blueberry綠色(限量版)

- 注意事項:僅120V插座可用,電壓轉換器可用

Giving your baby the healthiest start to life begins with feeding the baby only the freshest and most nutritious foods. The BEABA Babycook series is easy to operate, and useful to make delicious baby meals quickly. Through steam cooking, which locks in vitamins and nutrients, you can prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish from raw to any stage baby food in 15 minutes or less. With every pulse of the blending feature, the texture of the food gets smoother, allowing caregivers to adjust the consistency as baby adjusts to chunkier textures. It makes up to 4.7 cups of food at a time. Serve the food fresh and freeze the rest for later, then simply defrost and reheat right in the Babycook machine takes under 10 minutes. Such a cooking machine with stylish design, easy operation, powerful usage, and time-saving, is the best helper for the busy mothers!


  • Narrow footprint for easy storage
  • Includes spatula, mixing lid and multilingual recipe booklet
  • A large 4.7 cup bowl with graduation markings 
  • Unique one-handed operation
  • Multi-purpose mixing blade provides just the right texture
  • Patented steam heating system
  • Timer has an audible alert to tell you when meals are ready
  • Stainless steel water reservoir, easy to clean
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free, safe to use
- Color: Cloud, Rose Gold (limited edition), Blueberry (limited edition)
- Notice: Designed to function only with a 120V earthed socket. Electrical converter safe.